Dots Symphony


Different colored dots fall, each with a different musical note.

Slide the points in the lower area and match them to the right color.

In every success you will hear his musical note.

 Try to create totally original symphony.

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☆ Fall dots of different colors, you have to match the colors to avoid being eliminated.

☆ You have to slide the colors of the lower part of the screen by touching the right or left side of the screen

☆ Each success will be a point for you, but stay focused, the speed of points increases progressively.

☆ You have 3 extra lifes. If you are mistaken of color, you lose a life. Use the lifes wisely, since the speed with which the points rain down decreases if you are mistaken of color..

☆ What’s your best score? You can compare your top brands in the Google Play Games Leaderboard. Try to place yourself among the best!

☆ Unlock all the achievements and become an expert.