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Reflex Test: a free game to improve your reflexes based tap tap on the screen of your smartphone

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Test your dexterity and reaction speed. Train with a similar racing drivers and great sportsmen system. Improve your brand and improve your speed, skill, and memory with Reflex Test.


☆ You have to tap tap on the screen as directed, your result depend of your speed.

☆ In each test, you must touch the circles that form the game board with the fastest speed possible.

☆ In a test you will have to follow a numerical order, touch the right color or wait for the signal to tap in a circle.

☆ If you choose the wrong box, you will be penalized with points or time as the gameplay.


Reflex test offers the possibility the player to change the game type according to the desired game experience:

One player with a hand: you have to fill the boxes of a board, touching each box with one hand. Measure your speed and reaction.

☆ One player with two hands: have to complete the boxes of two boards, one for each hand. Compare the reaction of your left hand and right increases your reaction and improve your visual memory.

Multiplayer split screen: each player has to complete the boxes of a board. Challenge your friends and compare your memory and skill with other players. Try to beat your taps per second.

Reflex Test includes 11 game modes:

Tournament: your objective is to get the best average score of 6 single games.

Logic Cup: in which you can improve your skills in the three sets of logic.

Tap Cup: where you can train your dexterity and reaction speed.

Single game/Minigames: you can also play a simple match of one of the mini games

Minigames included in reflex test:

Different simple games or test available:

Ascending: touch the circles in ascending order as quickly as possible.

Memory: Memorize and touch the circles in ascending order as quickly as possible.

Dexterity: Touch the red circle to complete the board in the shortest time possible.

Tap Tap: Touch the circle indicated many times as possible.

Color: You have to touch the box corresponding to the specified color as many times.

Reaction to the screen: You have to touch the circle after seeing the sign.

Reaction to sound: You have to touch the circle after the sound.

Reaction to vibration: You have to touch the circle after vibration.

(If you mess up, failures points or penalize with time according to the test.)


☆ Easy mode with board of 4 circles: ideal for the amateur player.
☆ Half mode with board of 9 circles: ideal for professional players.
☆ Hard mode with board of 16 circles: ideal for experienced players.
☆ If you can master the easy dashboard, you can increase the difficulty of the game.

It combines the different sizes of the game board with two hands or multiplayer and enjoy a new gaming experience.

Reflex Test is a free game, it works perfectly in all types of Android devices and is recommended for all ages.

Upgrade your memory, your concentration and your skills.

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This game is a free app with ads for maintenance.

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